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VoIP Port Converter AX301

AX301 is a FXS to FXO port converter. People start to choose VOIP as a main communication rather than using normal PSTN line because of the expensive call charges. Users donˇt need to spend another bill to buy another VOIP device. AX301 will be a very convenient product for those that using VOIP. It can convert FXS to FXO.

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AX301 can simply convert FXS port of VOIP to FXO. Once there is a ring from VOIP, if connect to the CO line immediately, so the user can dial out from CO line. In opposition, when the ring is from the CO line, it will connect to VOIP immediately. Till the busy tone is generates, AX301 disconnects both sides


Access Password
User can set a password (max. 6 digits) to prevent unauthorized access of VOIP or PSTN.

Auto Call Forwarding (Hot Line)
User can set a telephone (or VOIP) number, when the call is coming from a line, will forward this number via the other line.

Maximum Call Duration Limitation
AX301 can enforce to disconnect the lines after a certain period. The duration is programmable from 1 minute to 999 minutes.
DTMF Enhancement
Specially designed for CISCO ATA VOIP gateway, to enhance the DTMF level of dialing numbers. Make these gateways recognize the dialing numbers easily and precisely.
Programming Password
To prevent unauthorized changing of the setting.


Connect LINE 1 (L1) of AX301 to PHONE2 of VOIP, LINE 2 (L2) to the telephone line.


If the VOIP use a DC power supply, you can remove the DC jack from VOIP, and plug it into DC IN jack of AX301. Then connect DC OUT to the VOIP with the DC power wire (included). The power range supported is between 9V and 20V, AC or DC, regardless of polarity.


From the connection diagram above, the PHONE2 jack (an FXS port) of VOIP is supposed to connect to a telephone set. By installing AX301, it can connect to a telephone line, work as an FXO port.


If there are 2 or more AX301 applied, user can share one DC power adaptor, and connect as below:


For a normal usage, for users that want to call to oversea country through VOIP using AX301 is very easy. For example a user from Taiwan wishes to call to Malaysia branch manager through VOIP. User just dialed out the VOIP number and will be connected. But if the manager just went out for lunch, how? User from Taiwan can call to Malaysia company using VOIP, user then can divert to TELEKOM line and call out to the manager. When user calls reach Malaysia VOIP, he will hear a second dial tone (means AX301 has convert to normal PSTN line), and dial out the manager handphone number he wish to find without international code because the call is charge from Malaysia branch to local handphone.

Technical Specifications
Input 2 RJ11 for lines
Power Supply DC9V~DC20V adaptor
Dimension 105⊙71⊙30 mm
Weight 126g
AX301 1PC
Power Cord 1PC
Line Cord 1PC
User's Manual 1PC


Why there is DC 9V-20V on AX301 product and I have to use which kind of adaptor?

If your VOIP using a power supply, AX301 can use the power supply from your VOIP power as long as your VOIP power range between 9V to 20V.


Why when I always call out LINE1 it can be connected, but LINE2 will be engaged?

 Because as there are several busy tones in this world, so it is necessary to tune the detecting frequency before use. First push the test button and observe the light. 1 light will be blinking and the other 1 have to tune it to complete light. Maybe you didnˇt tune the VR. Observe the red light become complete light. Push back the test button when finish tuning.


Why I can convert from PSTN to VOIP, but I canˇt convert VOIP to PSTN?

If you just want to convert either only 1 line, you have to switch to one-way mode. If you want to convert both line, then you have to switch to two-way mode. Make sure you switch to the right mode.


Can I set up connection duration time?

Yes. Refer to the setting table. Look for parameter 21, set the time you wish to set. For example you like to setting the maximum call duration time to 10minutes, just press #1# to start programming, 21, 010(for 10minutes) *#(to save).


Can I set password for AX301?

Yes. Refer to setting table. Look for parameter 88, you can set maximum 8digits for your password.

Inner box 118⊙97⊙42mm
Carton size 505⊙225⊙260mm
2-Line Switch
Connect 2 CO line on a telephone device

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